“The story of Mulka Joffe”

In March, a special project of the J-Doc digital archive “The story of Mulka Joffe” was launched.  The J-Doc archive collects documents about Jewish life and the repressions of Jews during the Soviet era. Among these documents, there are cases telling the stories of people who were able to immigrate to Israel illegally with the […]

ANU Museum of Jewish People Hosts Semyon Altov’s Performance

On March 20th, visitors to the ANU Museum of Jewish People were treated to a rare performance by the legendary satirist, screenwriter, and comic, Semyon Altov. At 78 years old, Altov is widely recognized and beloved for his outstanding talent. The lively atmosphere in the museum hall was perfectly suited to the theme of the […]

“Women Who Held Flowers”

On March 8th, the International Women’s Day, ANU Museum of Jewish People screened the documentary “Women Who Held Flowers” by Ksenia Svetlova and Michael Veksel. The documentary, initially released in 2021, pays tribute to the courageous Belarusian women who participated in the August 2020 protests against Lukashenko’s regime. These women stood at the forefront of […]

Family Festival “IN THE SUITCASE” at ANU

The third “In the Suitcase” festival, supported by the NADAV Foundation, was held during the Purim days in Tel Aviv at ANU’s Museum of the Jewish People. The museum became a cultural heaven for festival guests during these two exciting days, with the main focus being theater and Purim traditions in Israel. The festival program […]

The Year of Resilience

“We could have thrown away the white flag, but we chose to hold on to the blue and yellow one.” These words of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky were quoted in a speech by Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel Yevhen Korneychuk at a reception held on February 26th at the ANU Museum of the Jewish People with […]

Cinema club “Through Our Eyes”

On February 23rd, the ANU Museum of the Jewish people, in partnership with “Babel” bookstore and NADAV Foundation, held the final eleventh night of the cinema club “Through Our Eyes”. The event was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the beginning of Russia’s full-scale military invasion of Ukraine. Guests were invited to watch Valentin […]

Russian-Language Cinema Club “With Your Own Eyes”

The first meeting of the “With Your Own Eyes” cinema club was held in April 2022 at the ANU — Museum of the Jewish People with the support of Babel Bookstore and the NADAV Foundation. The club’s concept is to watch and discuss Russian cinema that features new forms and meanings, resistance, and stories of […]

“Notes of a Cosmopolite” — a film interview with Viktor Shenderovich

With the support of the NADAV Foundation, the film “Notes of a Cosmopolite” was released in 2022, in which the famous Russian satirist and publicist Viktor Shenderovich talks about self-determination and his Jewishness, recalling the funny and tragic stories of his grandmothers and acquaintances. The joint work of the writer and producer Tatyana Kisilevsky (TV) […]

The ANU Museum hosted a presentation of the “Da” Project (dadada.live)

The Hebrew word דע [da] is the imperative mood of the verb “to know, to recognize”. The authors of “Da” — historians and researchers — create materials in which they rediscover Eastern European Jewry as it really was in the past and as it has become today. The presentation was opened with a greeting by […]

A prisoner of conscience: a screening of “Anastasia” at ANU Museum

On December 6, 2022, the ANU Museum, with the support of the NADAV Foundation, hosted a private screening of the documentary “Anastasia”, featuring Russian activist Anastasia Shevchenko. She was imprisoned for two years for speaking out against the government, and during her confinement, she was separated from her child, who died alone. As Anastasia traveled […]