Family Festival “IN THE SUITCASE” at ANU

The third “In the Suitcase” festival, supported by the NADAV Foundation, was held during the Purim days in Tel Aviv at ANU’s Museum of the Jewish People. The museum became a cultural heaven for festival guests during these two exciting days, with the main focus being theater and Purim traditions in Israel.

The festival program catered to both children and adults and included 20 performances, 8 theater laboratories and training sessions, and 20 master classes, all happening in different spaces within the museum. Most of the performances were created specifically for the festival and premiered during “In the Suitcase”. The museum halls were filled with visitors in costumes, the sounds of their laughter and music, attending numerous fascinating events that were hard to choose from.

Natasha Brazhnikova, the organizer and creator of the “In the Suitcase” festival, said: “This time, the festival turned into a big cultural event attended by around 200 people, including theater groups, authors of master classes and theater laboratories, writers, and poets. The festival saw the premiere of performances, in which a whole galaxy of young, talented artists, including theater award winners, worked. Over 2000 guests attended the festival, which aims to give newly arrived repatriates a chance to feel at home, participate in events they’re accustomed to from their country of exodus, join Jewish traditions, and provide a festival site for new creative Aliyah who came to Israel.”

Brazhnikova added: “It was a great pleasure to receive numerous enthusiastic and grateful reviews from participants and guests at the festival and immediately after it. This shows that our festival has found its audience and is important to the public.”

Photo: Yael Ilinsky