Russian-Language Cinema Club “With Your Own Eyes”

The first meeting of the “With Your Own Eyes” cinema club was held in April 2022 at the ANU — Museum of the Jewish People with the support of Babel Bookstore and the NADAV Foundation. The club’s concept is to watch and discuss Russian cinema that features new forms and meanings, resistance, and stories of Russia’s past and present. After the screenings, discussions took place, often including the filmmakers. The film club is led by director Roma Liberov, known for his films “Save My Speech Forever” and “Joseph Brodsky: A Conversation with a Celestial”. Liberov not only discussed films with the audience but also taught them how to analyze and understand movies.

The cinema club took place on the last Thursday of each month, and by the end of 2022, nine meetings had been held. This story does not end there, as in 2023, viewers will have the opportunity to see many new non-traditional works that deserve discussion.

Photo: Yael Ilinsky