Jewish Identity and Peoplehood

Anu - Museum of Jewish People

ANU – Museum of Jewish People is an Israeli landmark and a global institution that tells the unique and ongoing story of the Jewish people.

Photographer – Yotam Ronen

Russian-speaking Friends of ANU – Museum of Jewish People

The Nadav Foundation strives to strengthen the connection and sense of belonging that Russian-speaking Jews have to Jewish Peoplehood with the help of ANU, the renewed Museum of Jewish People.

Da initially began as “Я – Torah” – a unique online educational project launched by the Foundation in 2011.

The Leonid Nevzlin Research Center for Russian and East European Jewry

The first philanthropic project of Leonid Nevzlin in Israel was created in order to preserve and research the rich heritage of East European Jewry. 

The mission of the J-Doc project is to collect unique historical documents on the anti-Semitic policy of the Soviet regime and make them accessible for anyone who has an interest in this topic.

History of Jewish Cemeteries

This is a historical project aimed to research the different ways various Jewish communities kept their Jewish identity in the Soviet Union under the communist regime.