ANU Museum of Jewish People Hosts Semyon Altov’s Performance

On March 20th, visitors to the ANU Museum of Jewish People were treated to a rare performance by the legendary satirist, screenwriter, and comic, Semyon Altov. At 78 years old, Altov is widely recognized and beloved for his outstanding talent. The lively atmosphere in the museum hall was perfectly suited to the theme of the evening, “The world survived because it laughed”, and attendees smiled, laughed, and enjoyed every minute of the show.

Altov has been writing and performing satirical sketches for over 50 years, and his stories have been performed by famous comedians such as Khazanov, Shifrin, Vinokur, Arlazorov, and Novikova. He is also the author of Arkady Raikin’s last theatrical play, “Peace to Your House.”

Despite the significant changes in modern comedy, Altov remains a master of his craft. He stood on stage and delivered his funny, up-to-date, and thought-provoking sketches in his signature steady voice and gloomy manner, delighting the audience.

We extend our sincere thanks to Mr. Altov for his generous contribution to the Museum, as all ticket sales went to the Museum Foundation.

Photo: Yael Ilinsky