The ANU Museum hosted a presentation of the “Da” Project (

The Hebrew word דע [da] is the imperative mood of the verb “to know, to recognize”. The authors of “Da” — historians and researchers — create materials in which they rediscover Eastern European Jewry as it really was in the past and as it has become today.

The presentation was opened with a greeting by Irina Nevzlin, President of the NADAV Foundation. It was followed by a discussion about the changes that have taken place in the Jewish world because of the war in Ukraine and the future of Jewish communities of the former Soviet Union.

Philanthropist Leonid Nevzlin, rabbi, researcher of Yiddish Motl Gordon, development director of the Jewish women’s organization “Kesher” in Belarus Irina Friedman, executive director of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress and regional Hillel director for Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, and Azerbaijan Yosef Axelrud, all took part in the discussion. The discussion was led by journalist Lika Dlugach.

At the end of the event, guests took part in a tour: “Where did the Jews of Eastern Europe come from?”

Photo: Yael Ilinsky