A prisoner of conscience: a screening of “Anastasia” at ANU Museum

On December 6, 2022, the ANU Museum, with the support of the NADAV Foundation, hosted a private screening of the documentary “Anastasia”, featuring Russian activist Anastasia Shevchenko. She was imprisoned for two years for speaking out against the government, and during her confinement, she was separated from her child, who died alone. As Anastasia traveled across Russia by train, she realized that the only way she could fight for freedom was to leave her homeland forever.

The film, which follows the story of this human rights activist from Rostov, was shortlisted for the 2023 Oscars. Following the screening, a discussion in English was held, with the participation of director Sarah McCarthy and film subject Anastasia Shevchenko. Viewers had the opportunity to ask them questions about Russia, life in exile, and anything else that concerned them.

Photo: Yael Ilinsky