The NADAV Peoplehood Award

The annual NADAV Peoplehood Award, established in 2009, presents a unique opportunity to highlight individuals who have made a distinct contribution in the field of Jewish Peoplehood, thereby helping to ensure that the Jewish people thrive globally. Our award recipients provide clear illustrations of what it means to act on the values and goals of peoplehood.

The NADAV Foundation was among the first organizations to begin researching and discussing Jewish Peoplehood. This bold, innovative concept is now becoming a dynamic paradigm shift, gaining increasing support in the Jewish world.


The first NADAV Jewish Peoplehood Award was presented in 2009 to Ambassador Stuart E. Eizenstat, former US Secretary of State for the courageous struggle for justice for Jewish people.

The 2010, NADAV Peoplehood Award was presented to philanthropist Angelica Berrie for her contribution in raising new and pluralistic voices within the Jewish tradition and promoting a dialogue between Jews of different backgrounds through her philanthropy, and for the video, “We Con The World,” by the Latma Group.

The 2011, NADAV Peoplehood Award was presented to Professor Yehezkel Dror for his achievements in the academic research of Jewish Peoplehood and Statehood, and also to film director, Joseph Cedar, for deepening the connection between Jews around the world through cinematic media.

The 2012, NADAV Peoplehood Award was presented to author and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel for his global fight for human rights and against genocide, and to jazz musician, Avishai Cohen, for being a cultural ambassador for the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

The 2013 NADAV Peoplehood Award was presented to Professor Aharon Barak, the former President of the Supreme Court of Israel, for his commitment to ensuring that the Jewish state will constitute an example of democracy based on the core values ​​of Judaism.