The Jewish Funders Network

Since 2008, the NADAV Foundation has supported the Israeli branch of the Jewish Funders Network (JFN), an international organization dedicated to advancing the quality and growth of Jewish philanthropy. JFN-Israel works with its Israeli members to strengthen raising grants and supports Israel’s growing philanthropic culture. Through JFN, influential leaders from non-profit and business sectors come […]

The Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI) 2006-2017

The NADAV Foundation established partner relations with the Jewish People Policy Institute as early as 2006. JPPI is a professional policy-planning think-tank that develops professional strategic and long-term policy perspectives while exploring key factors that may endanger or enhance the future of the Jewish people. The Institute’s Board of Directors (which also serves as the […]

The Nevzlin Center for Jewish Peoplehood at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya

The Jewish Peoplehood Center was launched in 2010 as a collaborative effort between the NADAV Foundation and IDC Herzliya, Israel’s first privately-funded and not-for-profit institution of higher educationlearning. The aim of the Center was to transform the concept of Jewish Peoplehood into an academic discipline.  The Center’s educational program included a series of courses aimed […]

The NADAV Peoplehood Award

The annual NADAV Peoplehood Award, established in 2009, presents a unique opportunity to highlight individuals who have made a distinct contribution in the field of Jewish Peoplehood, thereby helping to ensure that the Jewish people thrive globally. Our award recipients provide clear illustrations of what it means to act on the values and goals of peoplehood. The […]