The Institute for Liberty and Responsibility

It is our view that to survive and thrive as a liberal democracy, Israel must nurture a civic society and a national leadership passionately committed to the principles of liberty, political responsibility, and good governance, equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to protect and advance these ideals and values. 

The Institute for Liberty and Responsibility rigorously evaluates and actively promotes innovative ideas and policy solutions to 21st century challenges in Israel with democratic and liberal values, social responsibility, and democratic responsiveness. 

The Institute for Liberty and Responsibility is an interdisciplinary center housed at the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy, and it acts in close partnership with its peer schools at Reichman University as well as with like-minded institutions outside of the university, both in Israel and abroad. 

It is dedicated to the creation and assessment of ideas and policies that strengthen liberal democracy; to the education of the next generation of liberal democratic leaders; and to the promotion of an open Israeli society built on the principles of liberalism, responsible society, and responsive political representation.


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