Celebrating Purim!

Purim is one of the most popular holidays for adults and children. And even if there is a war, children should not suffer, it was decided at the ANU – Museum of the Jewish People. On Thursday, March 17, a Purim celebration for children was held there with the support of the Nadav Foundation. From each ticket sold, the museum donated 18 shekels to a charity organization, Migdal Jewish Community Center in Odessa. Eighteen is the most important number in Judaism, representing life, “hai” in Hebrew. Coincidentally, it made up exactly 20% of the entrance fee, but admission to the festival was free for all newcomers to Israel from Ukraine.

Our permanent partners, the Jewish family camp “Jerusalem Tale”, put together an exciting children’s program. The young guests participated in workshops where they made real Venetian masks and finger puppets for performances at home, as well as hats, rattles and other things that are absolutely necessary for the carnival. Animation lovers tried their hand at being entertainers. And then began a tour of the museum, designed specifically for the younger generation. Interactive exhibits literally turned the exhibition into an amusement park that no child would refuse. After a short break with refreshments, the children saw a performance of the Aleph Theater.

The vacation should remain a vacation, especially since this is Purim, when good and justice must finally defeat evil.