Presentation of the J-DOC Project in ANU – Museum of Jewish People

On March 15, 2022 ANU, the Museum of the Jewish People, hosted a presentation of the J-DOC project dedicated to the policy of the USSR towards it’s Jewish citizens and the life of Jews in the Soviet era.

The presentation of the project was opened by Leonid Nevzlin. His opening speech began with thoughts about the war in Ukraine, that all totalitarian regimes lead to death, repression and war. He stressed that research in the field of totalitarianism has become one of the important activities of the NADAV Foundation in recent years. This is done, in particular, by the Nevzlin Center at the Hebrew University, which holds conferences and seminars on the history of totalitarianism and encourages research and publications on the history of Jews under totalitarian regimes. The documentary “Aliens” about the so called “doctors case” produced with the support of the NADAV Foundation, took part last year in the out-of-competition program of the ArtDocFest festival.

The initiators of the project believe that the preservation of memory is one of the most important tasks of society. Project Director of the NADAV Foundation Ariel Borshchevsky, opening the presentation, said: “Every person who is interested in the history of his country, his people, should have the opportunity to have access to authentic historical documents. This is exactly what our project does. Now historians and archivists from different countries are participating in the collection and preparation of documents in J-DOC. The archives of Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and individuals cooperate with the project.”

The site presents investigative files from the KGB archives, testimonies, memoirs and video materials about the policy of the communist regime towards its citizens. This is a long-term project that will be constantly updated with new materials.