Presentation of the Book “Responsibility of the Elites, or Who Got Us Into This Mess”

On July 14, the ANU Museum of the Jewish People hosted the presentation of a book by Aleksander Ryklin titled “Responsibility of the Elites, or Who Got Us Into This Mess.” Ryklin is a renowned Russian journalist and political observer.

Regarding the book, Ryklin states: “My aim was to debunk the well-established myth of a ‘special Russian path’ as historically inevitable. I believe that the current state of affairs in Russia is a result of the actions of influential figures during Yeltsin’s rule. The greed and lack of strategic thinking among the elites of that time led the country to a disappointing position. They also created a myth that fully justifies their actions and the notion of a ‘special Russian path’.”

Ryklin, along with Leonid Nevzlin, co-founder of the NADAV Foundation, discussed the events of Russian political life between 1996 and 2003. According to the author, these events determined the country’s development trends for decades to come.

Photo: Yael Ilinsky