“In the Footsteps of the Russian-Speaking Jewry” – an Online Quest for Everyone

Quests are one of the most popular entertainment formats that can be used for education. At the ANU – Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv, the representatives of Nadav Foundation and the Museum, as well as the AQuest Company have presented a unique educational and entertainment project – quest “In the Footsteps of the Russian-Speaking Jewry”. It can help Russian-speaking teenagers learn the history of the Jewish people from ancient times to the present day by immersion, in a modern playful way. It has cleverly designed tasks and a convenient hint system. The quest guide is Xenia Sova, a famous Israeli blogger.

The presentation took place at the museum for guests from all over Israel, and it was broadcast online to the whole world. RSK Outreach and Engagement Director of the Nadav Foundation Roman Kogan emphasized the importance of the quest and its availability for Russian-speaking participants. AQuest representatives Konstantin Zinkov, Igor Gulman and Michael Butovsky talked about how the quest was created, how to successfully complete it, and showed the guests its demo version. The full version is already available for everyone on Telegram.

You can find a link to the quest on the ANU website:  

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