New post-doc at Nevzlin Center

In 2020, the Nevzlin Center announced a call for a post-doctoral Nevzlin Fellowship: During the 2021-2023 academic years for original research to be carried out at the Center on the theme of “Russian and East-European Jews during and post Communism (1917-2000)”.

The academic committee of the Nevzlin Center chose Dr. Anna Kushkova (of St. Petersburg) as the recipient of the first Nevzlin Fellowship for the 2021-2023 academic years. Anna Kushkova is a socio-cultural anthropologist focusing on Soviet and post-Soviet Jewish communities in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. As a research fellow at Petersburg Judaica Center (the European University at St. Petersburg), she has participated in various Jewish field expeditions in the former Pale of Settlement Jewish territories within the borders of czarist Russia, as well as in many other urban settings, including St. Petersburg and Moscow, and locations in the USA and Israel.