Beauty Extraction Project

The Beauty Extraction Project tells us about fine arts through destinies and works of Jewish artists and consists of 12 lectures. They will be devoted to a new chapter of the history of great ideas that have changed the boundaries of beauty perception. The program was created by RSJ Philanthropy Division of Federation CJA (Montreal) in collaboration with the Nadav Foundation and ANU Museum of the Jewish People. Speakers: Andrey Borovsky (Moscow), Yulia Patrakova (Jerusalem),

An access link for each lecture will be sent in advance of each meeting. Meeting topics:
1. What is Jewish art and who is a Jewish artist? (From Bezalel to Stasov.) October, 2021
2. How artists were discovering the Jewish world (Oppenheim, Kaufmann, Gottlieb, Pan). November, 2021
3. “A Bomb Planted Under the Painting”. How impressionists changed art. December, 2021
4. To be a Jew or an artist in Russia? (Antokolsky, Maimon, Levitan.) December, 2021
5. A Jewish artist of Russian seasons (Bakst). January, 2022
6. “Die of Hunger Or Become Famous.” The School of Paris (Modigliani, Soutine, Chagall). January, 2022
7. Seven Jerusalem of Marc Chagall. February, 2022
8. Zionism is beautiful (Bezalel and the New Israeli Art). February, 2022
9. Covered with a square (Malevich, Lissitzky). March, 2022
10. “The Color of Ecstasy And Tragedy.” Abstract expressionism (Rothko, Newman, Pollock). March, 2022
11. Dadaism (from Duchamp and Man Ray to the “artists village”). April, 2022
12. “Paper Tablets” (papercutting from the shtetl to the Israeli art). May, 2022