On November 18, 2021, at the ANU – Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv, the first conference dedicated to the lack of the legacy of the Soviet Jewry in the public space of the State of Israel took place. Its goal was to make the Soviet Jewish heritage an integral part of the life of Israelis. It is important for Israel, as thirty years have already passed since the great aliyah from the USSR, and today there are 1.2 million Russian-speaking citizens living in Israel. Public figures, academics, cultural and educational workers held lectures and discussions, and organized round tables and other events related to four main topics: history, literature, civil law and Jewish-Israeli culture. At the end of the event, a final document was issued, which would become the basis for interaction with the Ministry of Education, academic institutions and the Ministry of Culture.

The “Let My People Know” Conference was initiated by the “One Million Lobby” with the support of the Genesis Philanthropy Group, Nadav Foundation, Yaakov Herzog Center, Hartman Institute, Hillel and other organisations. The conference was attended by MKs Sharren Haskel and Alex Kushnir; Former Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky; Professor Larisa Remennik; stand-up comedian Giora Zinger; Dr. Anna Pershitskaya – an immigration researcher and leading lecturer in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the College of Western Galilee; Dr. Ruth Kaniel Kara-Ivanov – a poet, researcher and lecturer in the Israel History Study Club at the University of Haifa; Dr. Alex Valdman – a historian and researcher at the Institute for Diaspora Research at Tel Aviv University and others.