Presentation of Michael Tuval’s new book “HEROD: Ancient Authors on the King of Judea”

On March 10, a new book “HEROD: Ancient Authors on the King of Judea” was presented at the ANU – Museum of the Jewish People. The book opens with an extended essay on Herod by Michael Tuval and includes new (!) translations of works by Josephus, as well as Greek, Roman, Jewish and early Christian authors, a guide to the traces left by Herod the Builder compiled by Michael Korol, and maps and diagrams, over which Mitia Frumin labored. The book has been supported by the Nadav Foundation and is available from publisher Michael Greenberg.

Herod was probably the brightest and most protean king of Judea of the Second Temple era: he restored the Jewish state almost within its biblical borders, stimulated economic prosperity and rebuilt the Temple of Jerusalem, unprecedented in beauty and grandeur. At the same time, the name of Herod in the world culture has become a household name to denote cruelty and treachery. With practically all the ancient testimonies about Herod collected under one cover for the first time, a reader will be able to try to determine the place of Herod in the Jewish and world history.

We thank all those involved, including the moderator of the meeting Nikolay Alexandrov, the book designer Polina Adamov and Michael Korol who conducted an interesting thematic tour of the Museum.