When All the Songs are Favorite. A concert by Andrey Makarevich

On January 5, the ANU Museum of the Jewish People hosted a concert by Andrey Makarevich “Old and new songs”.

The concert hall of the ANU Museum is remarkable not only because of its location on the grounds of Tel Aviv College. There is always a special audience in this place: spectators, who appreciate not only great sound, but also meanings. Andrey Makarevich is an irreplaceable leader of the famous rock band “Mashina Vremeni” (Time Machine), the author of the musical projects Yiddish Jazz, Creole Tango Orchestra and many others. The meaning of his solo concert would have been enough not only for an hour and a half performance, but also for long reflection afterwards.

Old and new songs alternated with verses, like that was a real text “from the author”, carried away, surprised and enchanted the audience.

The largest part of the performance consisted of new songs, which were created recently under the influence of various events in the world and in the life of the artist. Even close friends of Makarevich admitted that they heard most of the songs for the first time from the ANU scene.

The concert ended with a remarkable moment for the museum. Alexander Makarevich presented the museum with his guitar, which he had painted especially for the event. The guitar features a cat, the “trademark” by which many people recognize Makarevich as an artist. It is nice that you can now see Andrey Makarevich’s guitar in the Museum of the Jewish People, along with the guitars of Leonard Cohen and Gene Simmons.